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Snoop Dog – Anti-Gun Poster Boy Who Promotes Gun Violence?

Snoop Dog – Anti-Gun Poster Boy Who Promotes Gun Violence?

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Snoop Dog – Promotes Gun Violence and Gun Bans!

Yeah, that makes sense!

The ultimate hypocrisy. Although the world would be safer with fewer guns in the hands of TV, movie, music and internet mind controlled thugs, a culture created by the worst hierarchy criminals and their helpers INTENTIONALLY for temporary power, profits, addictions, benefits and every other evil in the books.

Look at the source of everything negative and evil in the world. It always goes up to the selfishly insane deceiving hierarchy, their key positioned lying bribed and blackmailed helpers and their low level helpers. There’s a epidemic of people willing to SELLOUT humanity, to get temporary money, power, feed their addictions, run all types of scams etc. The more wise people have literally moved far out into the country, or are in the process. They can see the writing on the wall. The small to large cities have a epidemic of selfish power, money, materialism, addictions, perversions and evil motivated people. A friend of mine has been trying to hire employees. He has gone through 20 so far. Nearly all where sociopath liars attempting to steal, or scam in everyday they could. The level of these people in government jobs is the highest I have ever seen as well. This isn’t a coincidence. We can allow the deterioration, conquering and destruction of our nation and world to continue, or we can enact peaceful positive solutions, to restore ethics, morals, common sense founding law and rights protections for and by ALL! Deceivers to be United Against Peacefully! Don’t just follow the heard, do the dirty work of the deceiving hierarchy, or follow common sense law and rights violating orders, training and corporate job structure enslavement procedures. Every single person must enforce the first ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights. This removes the power from the WORST criminals and their key positioned helpers. This empowers the good and relatively good people, to build a better society/ civilization for ALL! Out with the ever increasing power hungry, control freak and lying scam artist thieves! IN with ethical, considerate of ALL others, common sense law and rights protecting people!Deceivers to be United Against Peacefully!