#SuperFail Rachel Maddow on Trump Tax Returns

#SuperFail Rachel Maddow on Trump Tax Returns

Syndicated from: http://www.thefullmonte.com/superfail-rachel-maddow-on-trump-tax-returns/

Rachel Maddows Big Moment – FAILED. Trump Paid 25% in Income Tax!

The only fail I see here is a Info Wars writer photo shopping a sad face and a happy face and a story line of how she failed in her story, when she in her story speculated the way the 2 pages of tax records from 2005 might have come from Trump himself, he is known for such trickery, thinking it might some how spin the news away from his Russian scandal and ties to all that Russian money! 🙂 The Russian Fertilizer King, the now Secretary of Commerce banking buddy of the Russian Fertilizer King! I think the Trump cabal is working over time to stop federal investigations but like Nixon these things take on a nature of their own and folks love scandals and seeing the high and mighty fall!


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